Coming up with a flawless design is only half the battle. You also have to get your best ideas past the clients even those who have trouble understanding traditional design deliverables. Not everyone is ready to walk into a room Don Draper style and say 'This. Or nothing'. But it’s our job to sell the best solution to even the toughest crowd, and you can still do plenty of convincing without the ego overload. A little bit of psychology and a persistent stream of client collaboration go a long way. We’ll break down the process for keeping clients engaged and explore tricks for getting past obstacles in the approval process.

About Mindy Wagner

Mindy has been working as a professional web and graphic designer for over 10 years. She is currently a senior web designer at Viget Labs. She's into great design that adheres to web standards. She loves to work, and loves to learn new things.

Incredibly supportive sponsors that we love

We think sponsorship should be more than just a link and logo on a website. If you're looking to put your sponsorship dollars to use we have a few pretty nifty ideas to get you noticed and be a fun experience for our attendees. If you aren't boring you should contact us.