A slightly different spin on web conferences

50+ speakers covering user experience, development, and design

We wanted some of the smartest & nicest folks in our industry to come to Charlotte. Boy were we excited when they said yes. Prepare to have your brains filled with some most excellent knowledge.

An amazing 3-day schedule

Each day of our web conference has 3 tracks going on at the same time covering user experience, design, and web development.

Full Schedule

Classic Venue & Hotel in Downtown Charlotte

The conference will be held at The Sheraton (formerly the Blake Hotel).
The Sheraton is now full.

Hotels in downtown Charlotte have filled up. There is a 2nd very large convention at the Charlotte Convention Center the earlier part of the week. If you still haven't reserved your hotel room you could potentially find something on AirBNB.

Things to Do in Charlotte

Incredibly supportive sponsors that we love

We think sponsorship should be more than just a link and logo on a website. If you're looking to put your sponsorship dollars to use we have a few pretty nifty ideas to get you noticed and be a fun experience for our attendees. If you aren't boring you should contact us.