A little more about Kendra

Kendra is a digital strategist dedicated to creating happy users. The word “interactive” is not just a channel or a category for her work. It’s a way of thinking; it’s how she see's the world, where it’s going, and how she hope's to get there. She is an interactive person in every sense of the word. She likes to own her work; She prefer's to work very hands-on. She chooses to work with clients in a relationship to acquire insights into how their businesses work and how their customers think. She crafts experiences for users, for people. For her it always comes back to why. She is looking for an opportunity to push the practice of experience design forward.

Kendra's Presentation

Think Like a Startup

For an established company, this workshop will help you see your business as if it were a Startup. The workshop will show attendees how to use our Startup Canvas tool to align values with organizational models, culture, propositions, business models and customer values and goals

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