Large financial institutions have lost the trust of their customers. The traditional branch is not dead, it just needs to be revived. It is crucial for banks to create an Omin-Channel Experience Strategy in order to survive in the harsh economic climate. User Experience has a major impact on whether a organization is leading or falling behind. New unexpected competitors such as Simple and mBank are raising UX standards and making a big impact on the industry. Considering the rapid pace of change in the technology industry, organizations must not tie their Experience Strategy to specific technologies but instead focus on creating positive experience across all channels and touch points. During this talk we will discuss how to create a holistic financial experience strategy, while thinking about what this means for the future.

About Rikki Teeters

Rikki is an Experience Strategist and UX Consultant with a passion for problem solving based on the interactions between humans and technology. She was born with a curiosity for exploration and fascination with technology. Following her passion, she studied Interaction Design at Miami University and continued her education at Savannah College of Art & Design. In 2010, she discovered the field of User Experience design and began her mission to make the world a better place through UX. Currently, Rikki is the Regional Co-coordinator for IxDA North America and is working as a User Experience Strategist & Designer in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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