A little more about Ben

Ben has had a lot of jobs. As a technologist, he focuses on strategy and architecture, designing solutions within complex ecosystems. In the course of his long career he's worked with a wide array of tools and languages, from first-generation languages implemented on custom hardware to heterogeneous systems and environments deployed into virtualized data centers. As a professional, he has developed solutions for a vast landscape of industry. As a person, there's nothing he hates more than not knowing everything.

Relevance, inc. is his professional home. In his free time Ben can be found working on mobile products with Downforce Labs, mentoring aspiring entepreneurs at The Iron Yard and Startup Weekend, hacking away at any of the many local meetups, or hiking the back country of the Carolinas.

Ben lives right here in Charlotte; be sure and say hello.

Ben's Presentation

From Glider to Gulf Stream (slides)

Ben Vandgrift discusses the reasons and routes to multidisciplinary mastery. Exploring two historic polymaths and their methods, Ben provides a template for learning and a rationale for pursuing mastery in lieu of specialization. Escape from the assembly line and be legendary.

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