A little more about Carl

Carl is the founding member of nGen Works. He's fortunate enough to have worked with some great teams that won the New York Art Directors Award for Interactive Development, The Hospitality Industry’s Best of Show Award, and two National C.A.S.E. awards for Educational Web Development. Featured in Kelly Goto’s best-selling book, Web Redesign: Workflow That Works.

He spends his free time complaining about sites that say "e;click here,"e; introducing his daughters to the best of ’70s television and praying they never make Spiderman 4.

Carl's Presentation

Your Money & Your Life

Most businesses are built on a broken operating system. One that believes in old concepts of carrots and sticks. For decades we've ignored research that shows the path to a better culture, product and bottom line involves abandoning the notions of the past. It's time to embrace the reality that the needs and ambitions of the human beings we surround ourselves with can fuel a brighter tomorrow. Carl will share examples of sustainable change that improves every aspect of a company through adopting a management philosophy of doing less.

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