A little more about Jina

Jina is a designer and artist living in San Francisco. She likes fancy food, whisky, dark and vintage fashion, Batman, and cats. She loves art in her coffee.

Jina enjoys creating beautiful user experiences, speaking at conferences about it, and occasionally writing about it. She works as a product designer at Do. She is very happy there and is not looking for new work. Previously, Jina has worked as a visual and interaction designer at some amazing companies including Apple, Engine Yard, and Crush + Lovely.

She is a fan of Sass. She ported 320 and Up over to Sass, and she is helping out with Team Sass Design and Susy Next.

Jina's Presentation

Realigning & Refactoring UI (slides)

Often designers and developers see Markup and CSS Refactoring as a dreaded, monolithic task. Organization, architecture, clean up, optimization, documentation all seem tedious and overwhelming. However, if you're armed with the right tools and a solid foundation, you may find refactoring to be actually quite fun. Learn some Sass, markup, and documentation tips & tricks from a product designer's perspective. Start making refactoring a regular part of your design process and development workflows.

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