A little more about Joel

Joel is the managing director at DesignThinkers Group U.S.A. His educational background in business and architecture has positioned him to think creatively about the application of design thinking and service innovation to business. Joel is especially passionate about the power that results from the alignment of organization’s purpose with customer needs and service offerings. Joel also leads Freeman & Major Architects, LLC, an architecture and strategic design firm based in Greenville, South Carolina. As an architect, Joel focuses on the alignment of facility design and organizational brand, while bringing innovation to both. Joel has an entrepreneur’s passion for new ideas and fostering collaboration.

Joel's Presentation

Think Like a Startup

For an established company, this workshop will help you see your business as if it were a Startup. The workshop will show attendees how to use our Startup Canvas tool to align values with organizational models, culture, propositions, business models and customer values and goals

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