A little more about John

John has a background in both programming and design. John's been involved with the Ruby on Rails community since it's inception. He's the creator of Radiant CMS, the first viable open source content management system for Ruby on Rails, and Serve, a rapid prototyping framework for Rails applications. Before coming to UserVoice, John freelanced for several years working with startups and small businesses of all kinds. His clients have included the Pragmatic Programmers, MemberHub.com, and The Scrum Alliance. John lives in Raleigh, NC with his dog Lily.

John's Presentation

Defensive Sass - modular styles for the modern web (slides)

We've all found ourselves deep in the heart of a CSS project struggling with mangled CSS selectors, an array of disparately named files, and a deep and nagging feeling that perhaps our markup is not symantic as it should be. But a new hero is arising in CSS-land: Modular CSS. You may know him by one of his many names. SMACSS, Object-Oriented CSS, or BEM. Only he has the power to untangle our worst CSS nightmares. Only he can help us lay a foundation for large CSS projects. In this talk, John Long will delve deep into his bag of tricks to share practical advice about structuring your CSS. We'll talk about a number of helpful principles for simplifying your CSS and look at how modular CSS applies within the context of Sass. You will walk away challenged with something to apply to your current CSS project.

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