A little more about Leslie

Business Analyst by trade, collaborative entrepreneur at heart; Leslie has over 10 years of experience in information technology and digital business strategy. Her diverse experience working in a start-up, small business, Fortune 500 & Fortune 50 organizations across a variety of industries partnered with her passion for high quality analysis and process optimization makes her well suited for assisting organization and individuals with embracing Agile. She is a constant student of the art of software development and has a firm believe that IT organizations are the undercurrent of any business and are the key for achieving success in an economy where technology investments and processes can cultivate or kill a company’s competitive advantage and profitability.

Her attention to detail, engaging personality, strategic insight & communication style allow her to work across all levels of an organization building rapport and driving engagement with individual contributors as well as executive leadership.

Leslie's Presentation

A How-To Guide to Transferable Business Analysis Skills

This session will cover transferable Business Analysis skills. As professionals in UX or IT, we're always doing some level of BA even if it's not our primary role "e;on paper."e; Leslie will give us a good overview of what a Business Analyst is/does and a how-to guide of some useful techniques anyone can apply

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