A little more about Lisa

Lisa Welchman is a thought leader in corporate Web strategy and governance. She acts as a Web therapist, helping executives and senior Web strategists struggling with the changes the Internet has wrought and counseling them on how to overcome the organizational roadblocks which hinder corporate online efforts. Clients at The World Bank, Thomson Reuters, Research in Motion, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency turn to Lisa to help them better manage their organizations in the digital age.

Prior to starting her consulting practice more than a decade ago, Lisa worked at Cisco Systems where she helped build an Internet publishing infrastructure that managed the whopping 800,000 pages of Cisco.com. Pre-Web, Lisa was a ratings analyst and coordinating producer for King World Productions.

Lisa has sparked debate and dialogue globally about Web strategy through her blog posts, articles and presentations. She’s been featured in The New York Times, and she’s written for The CBS Interactive Network, InternetEvolution.com, CIO Insight, Intranets, and Baseline Magazine.

She’s a sought-after speaker who presents at conferences around the globe, including the 2010 United Nations Private Sector Forum where she participated in dialogue amongst, industry leaders, CEOs and heads of state regarding how to utilize technology to accelerate the meeting of the Millennium development goals.

Lisa holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of North Carolina and was a Philosophy Fellow at Columbia University.

Lisa's Presentation

Web Governance: Where Strategy Meets Structure

I stop organizational conflict around website development by collaborating to create a web governance framework. I do this in four steps: First, I listen. I visit you and listen to all concerns from all stakeholders. Second, I validate. I write a memo articulating what I saw and heard and what I think your key problems are. This memo is usually five or fewer pages. In my experience, there are really only a few things causing big, pervasive problems. Third, I think. I follow up with stakeholders and brainstorm options for resolving your concerns, giving great consideration to your culture. Fourth, I collaborate. Together, we create a governance framework that will be viable and effective for your organization.

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